Inspired by the wonders of our oceans and the positive minds of our children...

Because the ocean is everything to us.

Whale, whale, whale what do we have here? Fun designs designed to... 

We started these fun designs to connect kids with nature.

Thanks for stopping by! As a single dad of three small kiddos I wanted to come up with some unique tshirt ideas for them. Designs that would not only be cool but designs that both girls and boys could wear.

  • Jellyfish!

    This design is made specially for all those kids that don't want words on their clothes!

  • Octopus!!

    Our " You're Ink-redible" design passes on the good vibes on the playground, in class or at the park!

  • Whale, Whale, Whale!!

    silly little play on words. How do you say cute with out saying cute??

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  • Our Commitment?

    We are committed to making kids smile!